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Sunday, July 24, 2016


Greetings to ALL of you! It's still amazing that after almost 2yrs since my last post, people from all over the world still connects to the Marriage Lounge!

We are excited about the future of this blog! God has given us a vision for Marriage Ministry and He has added so much more since the birth of this blog.

Are you Ready? Boy oh Boy!!!!

The Vision:

We will reach 1 MILLION MARRIED COUPLES! Did I just type 1 million?? Yes I did. We will reach 1 million married couples by helping them to identify and obtain the level of Oneness God designed for their marriage. It's NO task we will accomplish on our own but we will do what God has instructed us to do; GO in the strength that we have. God will make up the difference.
*** Remember*** God will NEVER give you a task you can do without Him, including...MARRIAGE!

There will be Marriage conferences, Trips and More! I can't list it all just yet but it's going to be awesome. We are thrilled about what God is going to do in the lives of millions and we get to go along for the ride!

Hanging Low!

We've been incognito for a moment. During the changes of life, a High School graduation, the storms of life and a major move in the last 3 years, we've learned and have grown so much! We are still learning and being transformed by the Hands of our Creator. We truly thank you for your prayers and your patience!

In this blog, we will share many of our experiences that you will identify with. These life changing moments will be helpful to you as well. How do we know? Because we've come through it! God didn't bring us out just for our benefit but for benefit of others too! So get ready to "Level Up" in Marriage!

Stay tuned, pray for us and remain in expectation as we take this journey together! Feel free to share your thoughts, your trials and your triumphs.

Again, Thank You for Staying With Us!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014



In a movie, the “woman in red” usually represents the woman who strategically breaks up a HAPPY marriage. The word happy is in all caps for a reason…I’ll speak on that later on. But first, I need you to picture a movie where a woman who is lonely, vicious, jealous or revengeful; she sees what she wants and then she goes after it. She could care less who she hurts in the process of getting what she wants. As a result of her careless thinking, she pursues a married man and is eager to take him as her own. The wife and children this preyed man has don’t matter to the “woman in red.” She knows what she wants and she is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Most of these movies are seen on the Life Time Movie channel, but it’s also REAL LIFE!

Before we move on, let’s define a happy marriage. A happy marriage isn’t a marriage that is free of faults, flaws and pain. A happy marriage is clearly recognized when two people who love each other unconditionally and will not tolerate someone trying to destroy what they’ve worked so hard to keep. A happy marriage is a healthy one but far from perfect.

So the woman in red is usually casted as an outsider. However, there are times when the woman in red could be the wife.  In no way am I trying to BASH wives; but I’m trying to help wives stop shifting the blame to others. And yes, husbands could also be painted as the ‘woman in red 'because the woman in red is not a person but a destructive spirit that influences the person. You see, the “woman in red” is just a phrase used to describe a “home breaker” in which a woman usually plays the part.

Moving on, I want to challenge wives to do a self check-up (Husbands, there is another post coming just for you):

-Has my relationship with God been a priority?

-How has my attitude towards my husband been lately?

-How has my attitude about life been lately?

-Have I been submissive to my husband as unto the Lord?

-Have I been speaking life or death using the power of my tongue?

-Has my expectations for my marriage lowered?

-Has diet and exercise been a priority?

-Has my desire for intimacy in all aspects been healthy and constant?


Ladies, these questions are important because when we are slack “on the job”, we make it very easy for the “woman in red” to show up; whether that is an outsider (some other woman) or an insider (us).

No matter what, slackness does not give a husband permission to stop loving his wife or walk away but slackness will cause barriers around your marriage to weaken or even break.

This is a new year Women! Let's BE dogmatic about protecting our relationship with our spouse. This IS the year of Increase in every area! Claim it! Believe It!  Then Received It! This is a Year of New Beginnings and Higher Levels! Are YOU Ready????

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

~The Bare Minimum~

 Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife. Proverbs 17:1

Has money or the lack of been an issue lately?

It is interesting that the God of more than enough believes that it is better for a family to have the minimum in life and have peace than for a family to have abundance with strife. This proves that God is more concerned about our love walk and the conditions of our heart than the things we want and desire. This scripture is also an answer to many couple's prayers; for they are wondering why their financial blessings are being held up. (It's not always the Devil fighting against you.) The all-knowing God is aware that if He release the blessing, the couple will probably argue over money or prove not to be trustworthy by being careless with what they have. If more money is going to negatively impact your life, why would a loving God give you more? He knows exactly what you can handle. If you want more, be trustworthy with what you have. Learn to work together as a team by using money as a tool for the Kingdom of God. Avoid letting money influence your actions, thoughts and words.

Remember: What you have now, is what you can be trusted with!

Getting Back to Basics is Sometimes ALL it takes to get things back on Track!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are YOU guilty of MURDER?

Why kill the one you love? So many times we read in the news about how a husband killed his wife or how a wife killed her husband. As we read the horrifying story we sigh, shake our heads and wonder why anyone would do such a horrible thing to someone they claim to love. We even make comments about how it could have been worked out and that it didn't have to end that way.

What we don't hear in the news, is how so many murders are taking place in the homes right in front of children or sometimes in the parking lot of churches. Did you hear about those on TV? You may have even witnessed it in your own home, but since the world doesn't label it as murder, you overlooked it.

Whether you kill someone with your hands,a gun or with your words, it is still murder. Life and death is in your tongue and therefore your tongue is a weapon; you can use it for good or you can you use it for evil. The choice is yours!

I know what it is like to kill with the tongue; I've done it for years. There was no blood after those piercing words left my lips so I dismissed it as harmless. Then, one day I realized that my words are just as powerful as any gun or knife. Whether the person shows it or not, speaking harmful words to them are hurtful. We underestimate the damage that is being done and we dismiss this behavior as, "speaking the truth". Well the Bible says,"Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ" Ephesians 4:15

This may hurt but it's truth. If we are still speaking mean, hurtful words to our spouses (or anybody for that matter) it is time to GROW UP! As ADULTS, we can get our point across or express the way we feel without being hurtful, obnoxious and disrespectful. Be careful with your words and choose them wisely; for the NEXT wrongful word that you speak into the atmosphere could be the final blow! Not to mention, every word that comes out of our mouths we will have to give an account for.

Use your tongue to build up your marriage, not tear it down!

Remember…..Getting Back 2 Basics is what keeps the foundation strong!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Everyday, people are dying without reaching goals. Everyday people are existing but NOT living. Are you tired of not reaching your goals? Does it seem like you are often wondering about your purpose in life? Or do you just need  clarification on why you seem to hit  a "wall" when you make the effort to get pass the limitations of life?

Life; The Unlimited Edition is my first book, written to encourage people to STOP existing and start LIVING! John 10:10 Jesus states, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." 

Where is this "full" life and why aren't people living it? Even the rich have yet to experience this full life, so it's not just about money. The healthy are still searching for this life but why haven't they found it? I know people who are healthy, financially sound and seem to have not one care in the world but they have yet to experience the "full" life.

In this book, God has helped me to break down the complications of mindsets to help people see that the "full" life is within reach. Yes, there is something required of us to acquire it, but IT'S NOT COMPLICATED! 

Even if you are experiencing "The Life", someone you know is not so get them a copy of this book. I give books away because I want people to experience this life with me. I want to see people live on purpose and leave this world without regret!

To order a copy go to: Amazon.com or my website http://www.thelife2live.com